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Unfortunately – or not so unfortunate depending on how one looks at it –  Miley decided to start smoking again, and it’s all thanks to her mother, Tish Cyrus. “Did Tish, your mom, get you back into this?” Andy Cohen asked the young starlet.

On the 10th of December, Monday, during an episode of Cohen’s radio show on SiriusXM, Andy probed the superstar on her addictions. Cyrus told the 50-year-old host that her mother would be so mad for telling everyone, but Tish apparently smokes quite a bit of weed.

Reportedly, Tish has been talking about a marijuana company for years now. While Miley is just smoking intermittently, every few weeks or so, Tish smokes it quite often.

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In the past, Tish has told reporters that she wanted to “quit everything” and start growing marijuana on a farm. According to Miley, Tish is her manager, so if she quit everything, that would mean that Miley would have to quit as well, effectively ending her career prematurely. She’s not so sure that’s the best idea.

As for the holiday season coming up, Miley can’t wait to sit down and smoke pot with her mother. The Hannah Montana alum said to Billboard in May of 2017 that she had to quit smoking pot for good.

Miley told the publication she hasn’t been drinking, doing drugs, or getting up to any shenanigans at all. She’s “completely clean.” And just a month later, Miley told Jimmy Fallon that she wanted to stay sober for the sake of clarity.

And her last record has played a key role in all of that. She wants to be completely sober and thus capable of articulating and enunciating the things most important to her.

Miley told Fallon the record was easily one of the most significant ones she’s ever made, thus far, so she wanted to remain clear and precise during the promotional tour.

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Mel B’s Friend Says She’s Fine Following Surgery And Fall http://celebrityinsider.org/mel-bs-friend-says-shes-fine-following-surgery-and-fall-223148/ http://celebrityinsider.org/mel-bs-friend-says-shes-fine-following-surgery-and-fall-223148/#respond Tue, 11 Dec 2018 04:11:08 +0000 http://celebrityinsider.org/?p=223148 Mel B is doing her best to make things work out these days between her and her ex-hubby, Stephen Belafonte, whom she accused of abusive behavior. As it was previously reported, Mel B and Stephen have been fighting in court for a little over a year now, ever since their heavily publicized breakup in 2017 involving their nanny, Lorraine Gilles.

A source who spoke with Us Weekly, Gary Madatyan, confirmed that while Mel has been slowly improving on her life, she actually tumbled down the stairs recently.

Gary said to the publication that it all happened on Sunday, and he didn’t know the precise time. Madatyan explained that she actually has a problem with one of her eyes as well, so her vision may have played a role in the fall.

On the 10th of December, the 43-year-old ex-Spice Girl shared a photograph of herself while lying in the hospital bed. She apparently suffered two broken ribs as well as a broken arm.

On Monday, Mel shared a photo of Geri Halliwell, Mel C, and Emma Bunton, as they sat beside her hospital bed on Monday. Madatyan said Mel B had surgery on her right arm.

Previously, the America’s Got Talent alum was ordered by the court to take weekly drug tests amid her custody battle with Stephen Belafonte. They’re currently fighting over their 7-year-old daughter, Madison. At the time of the fall, Gary explained, Mel B hadn’t been doing drugs or drinking alcohol of any kind.

The real problems, Gary said to Us Weekly, are those individuals out there who are incessantly worried about Mel’s issues in life, rather than their own.

As a result of her fall, Mel B had to apologize for an event of hers and told her fans online that she was incredibly sorry for having to postpone her appearence. Luckily, fans will get the chance to see all of the Spice Girls together in the future.

With every member except Victoria Beckham, the Spice Girls are returning to the stage in Spring of 2019 for 13 concerts across Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland.

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Future’s Alleged Baby Momma Shows Off Baby Bump On Instagram http://celebrityinsider.org/futures-alleged-baby-momma-shows-off-baby-bump-on-instagram-223139/ http://celebrityinsider.org/futures-alleged-baby-momma-shows-off-baby-bump-on-instagram-223139/#respond Tue, 11 Dec 2018 03:46:23 +0000 http://celebrityinsider.org/?p=223139 Eliza Reign, one of Future’s supposed baby mommas, is showing off her child with the Atlanta rapper all over social media, notably, Instagram. Reportedly, this will be the rapper’s sixth child.

On Instagram, the model shared a photo of her growing baby bump, along with a caption complete with a single red heart emoticon. Despite the hint of positivity in her note,  her “romance” with the “Mask Off” rapper hasn’t been that fantastic and fairy-tale like.

In fact, if her claims are true, Future threatened her if she chose to have the baby. The rapper has allegedly been pressuring her to have an abortion instead. Future and his camp allegedly threatened her with violence if she chose to have the kid.

In a post below, you can see Ms. Reign explain part of her situation. Check it out:

While this nasty situation chose to rear its head, Future confirmed recently that he’s expecting to have another kid with a woman named, Joie Chavis, after months of rumor it belonged to him.

BET explains that Eliza’s child will be his sixth. One would wonder how he intends to go about paying off the child and spousal support. Fans believe that Future’s latest album, Hndrxx, will play a key role in his finances.

Future’s last album, released in February 2017, came right after his eponymously titled LP published in the same month. It marked the first time that a performer released two albums within weeks of each other, and had both of them go to the number one spot.

Hndrxx received near critical acclaim upon its release, sparking three hits singles, including “Selfish,” “Pie,” “Incredible,” and “You da Baddest.” Despite his successes, his personal life has been fraught with problems, including lawsuits from prior women he has dated.

Allegedly, Future is in the middle of a court battle with fellow singer, Ciara, as well as Jessica Smith. Both women are suing him for not paying child or spousal support of any kind.

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Diane Kruger Talks About Being A First Time Mother And Lets The Baby’s Gender Slip! http://celebrityinsider.org/diane-kruger-talks-about-being-a-first-time-mother-and-lets-the-babys-gender-slip-223180/ http://celebrityinsider.org/diane-kruger-talks-about-being-a-first-time-mother-and-lets-the-babys-gender-slip-223180/#respond Tue, 11 Dec 2018 03:26:53 +0000 http://celebrityinsider.org/?p=223180 The actress is super happy to have become a parent alongside her husband Norman Reedus, and now she is ready to open up about her baby and her experience as a first-time mother. Diane Kruger chatted with E! News, and during the interview, she shared that ‘It’s already chaotic in the house. I do not think it could get any worse. It is a great moment of joy. We have quite a lot to be thankful for. It has been a wonderful year.’

She went on to say that ‘I’m just looking forward to having my very own family and to be together and have take out because I do not think I can step away to cook.’

Even though Diane and her husband Norman were both raised by single moms, the couple is super happy to use this holiday season to start new traditions together as a family.

She gushed that ‘What’s exciting is starting  your own [traditions] and anything’s possible, and as long as my home’s happy and light and positive, it does not matter.’

Diane also let it slip that the baby is a daughter when she told Extra that ‘she’ is really small but still makes her really tired.

The whole process of taking care of a baby is so challenging for the actress that she shared that it makes her feel like a superhero.

As for her career, Diane is also excited for fans and movie lovers, in general, to go see her latest project titled Welcome to Marwen.

The movie, which is based on a true story, is about Mark Hogancamp, played by none other than Steve Carell, who finds himself the victim of a horrible attack.

As he recovers, he finds a very beautiful and unique therapeutic outlet.

Check it out in a theater near you starting with December 21!

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Kim Kardashian Admits To This One Big Beauty Mistake http://celebrityinsider.org/kim-kardashian-admits-to-this-one-big-beauty-mistake-223152/ http://celebrityinsider.org/kim-kardashian-admits-to-this-one-big-beauty-mistake-223152/#respond Tue, 11 Dec 2018 03:12:41 +0000 http://celebrityinsider.org/?p=223152 During a conversation on E!’s Busy Tonight, helmed by Busy Philipps, Kim Kardashian made it seem like she has days where she doesn’t have an adequate mascara and foundation supply, despite the fact her younger sister has more than enough makeup to supply the entire country.

According to the mother-of-three, there are some days when she sleeps in the makeup she wore before, so as not to waste any of it, not only for money reasons but also because it saves time.

During a Question and Answer period, it was here where Busy found out about Kim’s nighttime habit. “Have you ever accidentally slept with your makeup on?” the host asked.

Kim told Philipps “all of the time,” adding there are situations where she tries to salvage her cosmetics for two days at the maximum. Unfortunately for Kim, however, skin doctors say that women – and men – should never sleep wearing makeup; it’s horrible for the skin.

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In 2017, Jessica Weiser, who works for the New York Dermatology Group, said to reporters from Glamour that wearing makeup throughout the night negatively impacts the way in which skin cells rebuild themselves during sleep.

Moreover, Dendy Engelman, another dermatologist out of New York,  said oils and dirt can often get underneath layers of cosmetics. One of the reasons for acne, as she described, is that makeup obstructs the natural flow of oil provided by the skin.

Makeup, essentially, disrupts the body’s natural state of homeostasis – a complex biological system of inputs and outputs, connections, and functions.

Another every-day occurrence that affects homeostasis, is the use of ice cubes in drinking water, which forces the body to actually work harder, exerting more energy for the sake of cooling the H20 down to body temperature.

Health consequences or not, the Kardashian family loves makeup. In fact, Kim said her daughter, North is really “into makeup right now,” but she didn’t specify what parts specifically.

Regarding what she wears to sleep at night, Kim said she prefers wearing a “thong and a little bra,” whereas Kanye prefers to sleep naked or just wearing boxer shorts.

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Shawn Mendes Over The Moon About Being Nominated For Two Grammys – Check Out What He Had To Say! http://celebrityinsider.org/shawn-mendes-over-the-moon-about-being-nominated-for-two-grammys-check-out-what-he-had-to-say-223179/ http://celebrityinsider.org/shawn-mendes-over-the-moon-about-being-nominated-for-two-grammys-check-out-what-he-had-to-say-223179/#respond Tue, 11 Dec 2018 02:29:49 +0000 http://celebrityinsider.org/?p=223179 The singer is understandably super excited by the fact that the Grammys are recognizing his talent and hard work. As fans of Shawn Mendes know all too well, the star earned two nominations at the upcoming Grammy Awards.

That being said, when E! News chatted with him while at Z100’s Jingle Ball, Shawn was over the moon about his career reaching such an important milestone.

Considering that he had learned about the great news just hours before, it makes sense that Mendes was still so excited about it.

When asked how it felt to find out live on CBS This Morning, as he was there to announce other nominees alongside Zane Lowe, Alessia Cara, and Janelle Monae, Shawn couldn’t describe it in any other way other than ‘amazing.’

The 20-year-old singer went on to share with the outlet that ‘It’s literally like walking on clouds all day. It was just really, really crazy. It was a super emotional morning, because my entire crew and everyone I’ve worked really hard with for a few years was there. We all kind of experienced it together. It’s amazing. That is all I can really say about it.’

He also argued that it ‘for sure’ was the highlight of his entire year.

That being said, Shawn Mendes received not one but two nominations – In My Blood is in the run for the Song of the Year title while the singer is also nominated in the Best Pop Vocal Album category.

Obviously, Shawn is getting ready for the big ceremony that is set to air live at the Staples Center on February 10, 2019, but he is also going on a world tour soon.

‘I have 100 shows coming up, and I just announced my first stadium in Toronto. I have my biggest tour I’ve ever done coming up next year, so I’m excited!’ Shawn said about the tour.

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Cardi B Embarassed By The Offset Cheating Rumors But Might Still Give Him Another Chance! http://celebrityinsider.org/cardi-b-embarassed-by-the-offset-cheating-rumors-but-might-still-give-him-another-chance-223167/ http://celebrityinsider.org/cardi-b-embarassed-by-the-offset-cheating-rumors-but-might-still-give-him-another-chance-223167/#comments Tue, 11 Dec 2018 01:35:13 +0000 http://celebrityinsider.org/?p=223167 According to new reports, Cardi B is totally embarrassed by the rumors that her estranged husband Offset cheated on her, and that is what led to their split. One insider tells HollywoodLife that the Bodak Yellow rapper feels completely ‘disrespected’ as the very public scandal rages on.

As fans know, Offset actually confessed on social media not too long time ago that he misses his wife of one year.

However, it looks like Cardi is still very much furious over the rumors that he betrayed her again!

That being said, the source close to Cardi made it very clear that while she is fuming, a reconciliation is still not out of the question.

‘Cardi says that if Offset did cheat, then they are definitely done, as she is not going to be played like that. But, you never know with her. Deep down she truly loves Offset, with all her heart, and she has Kulture to think about too,’ they shared with the outlet.

But of course, the supposed reunion might take a long time to happen because ‘Right now she is angry as hell, she has been disrespected and also publicly embarrassed, and wants to make Offset… feel some of the pain that she has been going through. When her anger subsides though, if Offset comes crawling back to her with promises to change his ways, there is definitely a possibility Cardi would give him another chance.’

At this point, Offset is trying his best to regain her trust, but it is not going to be easy at all since Cardi is still heartbroken over the cheating rumors.

In public, however, the female emcee is putting on a brave face.

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Wendy Williams Certain Kourtney Kardashian Wants To Make Sofia Richie Jealous With Her Inappropriate ‘Family Pics’ With Scott Disick! http://celebrityinsider.org/wendy-williams-certain-kourtney-kardashian-wants-to-make-sofia-richie-jealous-with-her-inappropriate-family-pics-with-scott-disick-223130/ http://celebrityinsider.org/wendy-williams-certain-kourtney-kardashian-wants-to-make-sofia-richie-jealous-with-her-inappropriate-family-pics-with-scott-disick-223130/#respond Tue, 11 Dec 2018 00:32:32 +0000 http://celebrityinsider.org/?p=223130 Wendy Williams weighted on the Kourtney Kardashian, Sofia Richie and Scott Disick love triangle on her show and it looks like the TV host agrees with a lot of reports that have been suggesting that every time the KUWK star shares pics with her ex, she is trying to make his current girlfriend jealous.

As you may remember, days ago, the mother of three shared on her platform a pic that featured her and her baby daddy in bed together.

Of course, it’s not what people may think when they hear something like this but still!

Reports were quick to assume that the young model was affected by it, the shot and others similar to it making Sofia very insecure and jealous.

In the snap that Kourtney captioned ‘coparenting,’ she could be seen posing on the bed on her side in a sexy black dress while Scott was in the back with Penelope in his arms.

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So it was a family picture of sorts since the child was included and Scott was not even looking at the KUWK star – but why the sexy posing in such a snap?

Apparently, it was meant to be a funny post but many social media users and news sites thought Kourtney was trying to taunt Sofia.

That being said, it seems like Wendy Williams agrees.

She told her studio audience that ‘It was meant to be funny, but not everyone is laughing… I think she is trying to make Sofia jealous and insecure. Sofia is 20, but is not that difficult to make a 20-year-old insecure. I do not think that this is appropriate.’

She went on to state that ‘He is on the bed, she is posing, she jumped in that costume because people are complaining that she is not sexy on the show. Clearly, she had someone take that picture and who knows what happens afterward. I do not want to see this. Take that off social media!’ Yikes!

http://celebrityinsider.org/wendy-williams-certain-kourtney-kardashian-wants-to-make-sofia-richie-jealous-with-her-inappropriate-family-pics-with-scott-disick-223130/feed/ 0
Tiny Harris And T.I.’s Daughter Heiress, 2, Dances In Super Cute And Funny Video – Check It Out! http://celebrityinsider.org/tiny-harris-and-t-i-s-daughter-heiress-2-dances-in-super-cute-and-funny-video-check-it-out-223129/ http://celebrityinsider.org/tiny-harris-and-t-i-s-daughter-heiress-2-dances-in-super-cute-and-funny-video-check-it-out-223129/#respond Mon, 10 Dec 2018 23:31:02 +0000 http://celebrityinsider.org/?p=223129 This little angel is the cutest! Tiny Harris and T.I.’s little girl Heiress melted everyone’s hearts when her proud mother shared a funny video of her dancing. Check it out!

In the footage, the 2 year old rocks a super cute purple onesie with a pastel whale print while her hair was braided and also beaded.

While Heiress is obviously an adorable child, what really makes people love her so much is her personality.

In the clip Tiny just had to share with her many followers, Heiress can be seen standing on the couch dancing ass her mother filmed her trying to do the Shoot.

As she watched herself in a mirror, trying to move her arms up and down properly, the child complained that she couldn’t do it even after she jumped off the couch to attempt it.

Then Heiress kicked her leg behind her with her head down.

Finally, she got a hang of the rhythm and started kicking her leg over and over.

As she put a very focused expression on her face, the proud girl declared: ‘See? I doing it!’

Tiny and others behind the camera cheered her on, melting because of too much cuteness.

In the caption of the footage, Tiny wrote: ‘How can I help but be obsessed. My Shunshine, My Tootie, our Lucky7 @heiressdharris. #She’sSoSmartSheAmazesMe #BestJobEver #MamasGirl.’

As fans know, Tiny has been sharing a lot of adorable and funny clips of her 2 year old lately and it is safe to say that everyone has been very entertained since the child may be small but has a huge personality.

Heiress is bound to follow into her parents’ steps and become a star – perhaps a comedian? Dancer? Actress? The sky is the limit for the talented girl!

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Angelina Jolie – Here’s Why She Made A Compromise With Brad Pitt In Their Custody Battle http://celebrityinsider.org/angelina-jolie-heres-why-she-made-a-compromise-with-brad-pitt-in-their-custody-battle-223123/ http://celebrityinsider.org/angelina-jolie-heres-why-she-made-a-compromise-with-brad-pitt-in-their-custody-battle-223123/#comments Mon, 10 Dec 2018 22:28:01 +0000 http://celebrityinsider.org/?p=223123 It’s official! The very ugly custody war between the former Hollywood couple is over, and it looks like Brad Pitt got what he wanted – more time with the kids! In fact, he got more than Angie wanted him to, one source tells HollywoodLife, but in the end, she decided to play nice – here’s why!

Jolie reportedly still has over 50 percent of the custody for their six children, but it’s still a huge victory for Pitt who has managed to obtain the right to spend more time with the bunch than he used to.

That being said, the insider explains that while the outcome was not the ideal scenario for Angelina, she was still Okay with it for now,

‘The custody battle was long and arduous. and in the end, Angelina conceded a lot, mainly because she knew that she had few options otherwise, and she did not want to have to drag the kids into court and make it even more traumatic for them,’ the source explained to the outlet.

So Angelina’s main reason to sign the deal was to protect the kids from the already prolonged and very ugly legal battle.

At the same time, another source claimed that ‘Angelina’s actions have definitely been affected by how she has been portrayed in the media—she is acutely aware that she is being painted as the bad guy, and despite her pretense at being nonchalant, she actually really does care how she is perceived.’

Apparently, if it was up to her, Brad would have gotten zero time with the kids, but while he won this time, she is not going to let him enjoy it for too long.

The insider dished that the actress is planning to ‘hit Brad hard financially to make up for what she perceives as her losing the custody battle.’

http://celebrityinsider.org/angelina-jolie-heres-why-she-made-a-compromise-with-brad-pitt-in-their-custody-battle-223123/feed/ 2